Silversmith and Jeweller Rahaima Exhibits her work

Silversmith and Jeweller Rahaima Exhibits Her Work

My First Silversmith Exhibition as an Exhibitor!

As I walked through the doors of my first exhibition as an exhibiting silversmith, I couldn't help but feel nervous and anxious all at the same time.

This was it..... I was excitement, nerves, with a profound sense of accomplishment all mingled together as I entered the gallery space. A culmination of months of work in dedication and creativity, was on display in front of me. Lit up with bright white led lighting, each piece polished and shinning to within an inch of its life, was there up on a pedestal for the world to see.       

I could not believe it! My silversmith hammered bowls and jewellery pieces was on display! I was an exhibitor! Not just a guest. This was the opportunity for me to show my family, friends and Sydney, that I have arrived as a silversmith and jeweller!

The road to this exhibition as been full of bumps, falls, tears, excitement, feelings of unworthiness, joy and hair pulling. The finished bowls and rings, with their high gloss shine, where light reflects off the surface of brass and silver, creating a mottled effect, is mesmerising and you can't help but look. 

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There was great feed back from friends and gallery guests who viewed my work. As I am just at the beginning of my silversmithing journey, there is so much more that I want to do and say through metal. I am currently exploring my Australian heritage, but when the African kicks in.... well watch out!. 

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the opportunity to engage with visitors and share the stories behind the pieces. No exhibition would be complete without the support of friends, family, and fellow artisans who helped bring this vision to life.

I would also like to thank Gaffa and the team for the hours of work and dedication involved in getting the exhibition up and running.  And celebrate with them the success of what has been achieved.

Watch this space for more exhibitions to come in the future......

Love Rahaima 



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