Designing the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring

Designing the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring

Designing the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring 

Here's a general outline of how the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring came into being: 

What is the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring?

Gum nuts are the woody fruits produced by various species of eucalyptus trees found here in Australia. These nuts are characterised by their hard, woody outer shell and contain seeds within. The come in various shapes and sizes. Their outer texture can be quite smooth or very rough. 

Gum nuts are distinctive and iconic elements of Australian flora. They are immediately recognisable to any Australian. And it is with this in mind that they have formed the bases of my design of the Gum Nut Ring. I haveincorporated their shape and texture into a ring design resulted in a unique and nature-inspired piece of jewellery.


What research and inspiration went into the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring? 

I researched gum nuts and eucalyptus trees to understand their various shapes, sizes, and textures. Looking at images and collecting real gum nuts to gain a better understanding of their characteristics. This research provided me with  you with the foundation for your design.

Sketching, Drawing and Painting the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring

I did lots of sketches, drawings and paintings of different gum nuts to become familiar with the various shapes, sizes, and arrangements of gum nuts on the ring. I wanted to capture the essence of gum nuts while creating an aesthetically pleasing and wearable design. I focused on details like curvature, texture, and arrangement of the gum nuts.

What materials were used to make the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring? 

At Rahaima, we only use sustainably sourced silver and laboratory made gemstones.  (Don't bother to email if we can change... it will not happen!).

Rahaima will NOT contribute to land degradation, human poverty, contaminated waterways, water quality, spills, and floods in sourcing metals or land mined gemstones. 

What are the design elements were used to make the Rahaima Gum Nut Ring?

There were three main design elements that I wish you incorporate into the Gum Nut Ring: 

Two Gum Nuts as a Central Focus for Rahaima Gum Nut Ring:

Two Gum Nuts, featuring semi precious stones is the focal point of the ring. This is what gives the ring its character and accents.

Texture and Detail for Rahaima Gum Nut Ring: 

Although the texture of gum nuts was not incorporated into the surface patterns on the ring band or around the central elements, it was still a consideration in the design of the ring. The rough texture of a gum nut meant that comfort was now a key consideration, in ensuring the rings success.

Arrangement of Gemstones in Rahaima Gum Nut Ring: 

The two 8mm gemstones centred within two (twin) gum nuts on a ring band, create a continuous pattern or a more spaced-out and organic design, depending on your preference.

    What is Prototyping for Gum Nut Ring?

    Before finalising the design, several prototype (3D models) of all the rings were made. This will give us a better understanding and idea of how the design looked in reality.

    What about the final touches for Rahaima Gum Nut Ring? 

    After casting, shaping, polishing and setting the stones, the desired Gum Nut Ring is ready to be shipped to it new home. Every ring is worked on by Rahaima and so you are buying directly from the artist, manufacturer and creator.

    Designing jewellery is a blend of creativity and technical expertise. It has taken me years to develop my skills (and I am still learning!). I hope that you enjoy the piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. 


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